Who We Are

Editors: Derek Seidman and M. Junaid Alam

Associate Editor: Adam Levenstein

Writers: Josh Frank, Chad Faldt, Macdonald Stainsby, Mark Yu, Richard Moreno, Morgan Southwood, and dozens of other youth

Web Design: M. Junaid Alam

Our Mission

Left Hook is a political journal hoping to serve as a gathering point for American youth along the whole radical spectrum. It is a project that was initiated продажа квартир в Нижнем Новгороде amidst new hopes and prospects for the radical Left in the United States.

As American capitalism offers an ever more dismal reality of ravaging wars, economic hardship, and superficial democracy, we stand firmly opposed to this state of affairs. Our goal is to be a galvanizing force for young activists to further advance our collective struggle towards forging a new movement capable of challenging the basic structures of society that breed these injustices. By making Left Hook an avidly open space for anti-capitalists of all types, we hope to facilitate a new sense of solidarity and cooperation amongst the Left that stands opposed to much of the debilitating sectarianism of the past and present.

Left Hook is dedicated to publishing the news and views of the new generation, including political commentary and analysis, ground reports from activists around the country, interviews and reviews, historical and theoretical contributions, and cultural contributions such as poems, short stories, and progressive artwork. We hope that by being a center of ongoing readership and discussion of the burning political issues of our age, we can contribute to building greater levels of understanding, cohesiveness, education, and solidarity amongst our generation.

Additionally, we have created a moderated discussion list where young readers, writers, activists, and supporters of Left Hook can carry on discussion with each other in a comradely and critical manner. This discussion list serves an extension of the journal and operates in the spirit of the Left Hook project. It encourages dynamic and focused discussion on the urgent political issues facing our generation, seeks to facilitate debate and discussion over concrete questions of strategy and tactics for our movement, offers a means to exchange news, activities, and information, and, perhaps most importantly, allows us to form new bonds of solidarity and mutual respect within our generation that stand in contrast to the infighting currently embroiling the American Left. We encourage youth that are seriously interested in building a new and dynamic Left to join up.

As the struggle to build a movement that can challenge capitalism and its institutions progresses, we hope that Left Hook can be a hub of analysis, information, and dialogue, where activists throughout the country intersect.

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Discussion List Issues: The Youth Anti-War Movement: A Debate (1) The Youth Anti-War Movement: A Debate (2) The Youth Anti-War Movement: A Debate (3) Oil and Indigenous Lands (1) Oil and Indigenous Lands (2) Oil and Indigenous Lands (3) Israel, Palestine, and Nationalism (1) Israel, Palestine, and Nationalism (2) Israel, Palestine, and Nationalism (3) To join our discussion list, go here Join Our Info. List:
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