The Day We Started Again: Our War for America

-by Jared McBride

The Democratic Party is dead. Whether it scraps itself together or rebuilds for another election is irrelevant. We questioned its relevancy and ability to represent millions of Americans after the pathetic outcome of the last two elections (2000 and 2002), but with its utter annihilation delivered in the 2004 elections, we can question no more. Let me repeat, whether the Democratic Party picks itself up or not does not concern us.

The 'us' I speak of is the millions of Americans who are against preventative war. The millions who are against blatant abuse of civil rights and human rights, who believe a woman has the right to choose what is best for her own body, and who believe in better wages and working conditions for America's workers. We are the Americans who believe religion has a place in America…in churches, mosques, and temples, not government affairs. We believe that poverty and racism must be eliminated. We believe the environment must be respected and corporate rule of our airwaves and daily lives broken. These were not the beliefs of John Kerry, he was not one of us. He can now go back to being just another millionaire senator.

You may not have referred to yourself as a radical before, but now you may have a new perspective. Over the last six months you may have been told by the MSM (Main Stream Media) that beliefs listed above belong to group under the heading: extremely "liberal" or "radical" - if that's the case, then so be it. I, among others, will gladly be radical if that means believing in human rights and a society that cares for every one of its citizens. At the end of the day, it does not matter what we call ourselves, radicals, socialists, anarchists, communists, or liberals. What matters is that we are united and we know what we are fighting for - and that is now clearer than ever.

This is not a united nation despite the hallow rhetoric that has and is pouring out of politicians' mouths from every corner. Bush and cronies speak of "mandate", a non sequitur that simply illustrates their inability to do 2nd grade math. If roughly half the country votes and a smidgen more than of half of them vote for a candidate - then where do we reach the conclusion of "mandate"? If every American voted there would never be another Republican President and that is why Republicans do their best every election to make sure voting is suppressed in minority precincts, which occurred egregiously in Ohio. What about the half of the country that didn't vote? Do they support Bush's policies and his wars? Those that didn't vote are the ones that believe their voice is useless and that pulling a switch or lever once every four years is not tantamount to participation. This means nothing to our government, but it should mean something to us. Those of us against Bush and for an America built of the principles of the left, together with the voiceless make up of the majority in this country - meaning one thing, we hold the power.

Also courtesy of the election we have gained new insights into "knowing our enemy." We have learned even though the Republican Party has been hijacked in recent years by a small click of deranged individuals, bent on US global hegemony, they were still capable swinging an election by appealing to the "morals" of Middle America. Some people of Middle America (and don't forget the South) do not seem to care about jobs, workers' rights, social security, the welfare of this nation, or a future for their children. Gay marriage is more important of an issue to them. They have been trained to follow the flag and bible and rationale, logic, or body count will change their minds. We are fortunate they are a minority.

Amazingly enough the religious right has even co-opted the agenda of the neo-conservatives as one of their own. They believe we are fighting a "holy war" in the Middle East and George Bush is their lead crusader. They happily offer up their children to die in foreign deserts. Someone please tell them that they are going to have to fight a "holy war" at home now. We will refuse to let this country become a theocracy and become chained to the cross of religious fanaticism. The religious right now believe after the supposed mandate from the election that there will be a "conservative revolution."[1]

We now know that congress, the supposed "representatives of the people," may become the fulcrum for this "revolution." We do not have to wait and see if the Democrats decide to stem the tide or if they are even allowed to.[2] The time has come for us take action into our hands. We shall move forward not without our antecedents and martyrs. Workers did not simply wait idly by for Congress to improve workers rights; they went out into the streets and demanded them. Women and African-Americans did not sit idly by and wait for Congress to decide to give them the right to vote, they went out into the streets and demanded it. We shall not sit idly by and watch this administration destroy the lives of millions and dismantle our country. As we have seen in Ukraine in recent weeks, it does not matter what the elite dictate, it matters what the people in the street have to say about it.

If you are confused, get out of bed, look in the mirror, then at the newspaper, then at the evening news, and then ask yourself if this is the type of country you want to live in. If you are scared, find someone who feels like you do and speak with them, organize, discuss, and multiply. If you are angry, walk out your house, onto a street, let the country know what your voice sounds like. If you are furious, tie a bandana around your face and make sure that voice is heard.

We now live in a time of action. Any room or time for reflection was drowned in swamps of Florida (of Ohio)?. We have all had the entire first term to think about what this administration is doing and how to counteract it. Direct action is needed. Subversive action is needed. Militant action is needed. We must hit the streets, the airwaves, the universities, the workplace, and the homes. I know everyone feels hopeless, but we have no other choice. This is our country.

The next four years are arguably the most important years of our lives. The first term was a wake up call, the second is war. The left will wake up in a manner not seen in ages and when it does it will become crystal clear that John Kerry was not the key to our hopes and aspirations, we are the hope. We shall rise up.

Jared McBride graduated as a History major from Northeastern University and is now currently studying in Germany.

[1] David Kirkpatrick, "Some Bush Supporters Say They Anticipate a 'Revolution'", NY Times, November 4, 2004

[2] Chuck Lindell, "Senate GOP Set to Go 'Nuclear' Over Judges", The Cox News Service, November 28, 2004,

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