"I Hope You Get Struck by Lightning and Die." : Quotes from a Campaign Trail

- by Chris Goldberg

Why did millions of Americans choose Bush? We've heard all the theories for weeks, but those of us that were on the ground in swing states have our own ideas.

We knocked on over 80,000 doors in Florida and we kept a journal for the entire campaign. We listened carefully. We wrote it down.

And what we heard from our Republican friends was not always pretty.

Here's a look directly into the thoughts of Red America:

[The following are actual responses to Anti-Bush canvassers. They have not been modified in any way.]

"We have nice things. That's why we're Republican."

"Bush! Bush! Isn't Kerry a flipper? You know, like the dolphin?"

"Kerry is a communist and we should not raise the minimum wage. We should not all be equal!"

"I agree with you on Iraq, but I'm voting for Bush. I'm part of the top two percent."

"You're going straight to hell."

"I hate all Democrats. I hate all liberals. And I hate that asshole running for president."

"Vote for John Kerry? He just wants to kill babies and make gay people marry each other!"

"I know what you niggers are up to."

"Osama loves John Kerry."

"Democrat! You're not my friend. Don't drown, but do the next best thing."

"Nuke 'em all!"

"Rich people don't like you knocking on their doors."

"Fuck you! Kerry is a fuckin' bitch! We're gonna jump you and your fuckin' friend if you talk against our president!"

"You're an angry liberal! You're a divider! I don't like angry liberal dividers on my property!"

"I would never, ever be against Bush because I want a president that is honest and moral."

"Drop dead!"

"When Kerry is president, we'll be bombed to shit!"

"If you vote for Kerry, you will be sorry. There will be terrorist attacks every day, just like Israel."

"We are not the employees, we're the employers and the CEOs!"

"John Kerry's for the terrorists."

"We are conservative Christians and we like what the President has been doing."

"I hope you don't succeed! Have a lousy day."

"George Bush is a warrior, not a politician. Git yer Democratic ass outta here!"

"I like George Bush because he has biblical values."

"I like Bush because he bombs countries that need to be bombed."

"For me Bush is like Santa Clause. I see his commercial and ah. it's like Christmas time for me."

"I hope you get struck by lightning and die."

So there you have it, kids. Makes you proud to be an American. Like Abu Ghraib, the Bush people may try to pin this on "a few bad apples" - but again, like Abu Ghraib - there's much more where this came from. Look out for a coffee table book for the holidays. Thanks to the thousands of activists of every age and background that stood up for change in this election. Keep fighting - the truth will prevail!

Chris Goldberg, 25, was born in New York, NY. After a brief stint in the corporate entertainment business, he worked as a canvass director for multiple progressive organizations during the 2004 Campaign in Florida. He is now a writer. Contact him at ChrisGoldCR@hotmail.com

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