April in the Empire

April is the cruelest month
Forgotten skies haze over the atrocities
That keep coming without blinking
The large eye that watches
The large eye that blinds us
With night-vision and yellow flashes
And in that haunting
The roar
That imperceptible second
When all that is lost is forgotten
The black figures run back in the alleyway
But she turns around
Naked and visible
In that bloodied and empty square
Where the mosque falls silent
Like God has washed his hands clean of it
She lowers it
And lets it loose
That explosion that erupts into silence
Standing wrapped in hawk-black
Dress that blew across that desert land
That taste of hair escaping into her mouth
Gritty with sand and hate and vengeance
As those razor sharp clouds of sand hurtled insults
The resistance
An insurgent
Or so they say
In that far off land where one's a number
If that lucky
And that baby scream that won't stop ringing
Ringing, ringing
Its eyes locking yours for that moment
Before the green walks in
Shouting orders that mean nothing
Forces taking out the trash
And nothing can stop the infant's angry screams
Helpless watching it emit one last cry
Until all is silenced drastically
That kept you there, frozen in that moment
Where time stops and all feeling drains through
The cracks in the floor like blood
Staining the bottom of their boots
The tomahawk was thrown
And there where the sand bites
And the air speckles with heat and gas and death
The bull's eye centers
She falls
Falls, falls
Joining the ground
Where the eye scans fervently
To build empire
That unknowingly will crack and be strangled at the roots
By the blood of her ancestors

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